House Not Home
Middle East Peace



Learning from history seems to be the one thing man is incapable of doing, or totally unwilling to do.

Every empire, kingdom and nation that has attained prominence, prosperity and become profligate has also perished!

The United States of America has become profligate. We have accepted almost every type of immorality as an "alternative lifestyle" with the exception of pedophiles and mutilators.

However we have come to the point where our morals, our minds and our consciences are mutilated, seared, scarred and unable to discern good from evil. How long will this last?

Until we face the undeniable judgment of God upon our nation!

And judgment will come, it always has and it always will. That is the lesson from history that we have failed to learn.

Forty years ago divorce was infrequent and it was still somewhat of a stigma on the parties to it. Now it is a "do it yourself" legal form available in most states.

Bearing children out of wedlock once carried a just punishment for the girl who allowed herself to become a service station for roaming males. Now it is accepted as if marriage were merely a tradition not to affect child bearing or interfere with a woman's "right" to sexual freedom. As late as 1958 many large companies had manuals that stated "if any unmarried woman becomes pregnant while employed at this company, she shall be summarily terminated for moral turpitude." (Needless to say, that clause had to be deleted by the mid-1960's at the latest, when the mini-skirts came into vogue.)

In 1973 the Supreme Court declared in Roe v. Wade that women had the "right" to an abortion on demand. Since then, millions of unborn children have died without a chance at life. And millions of women still figure it is their right to kill their unborn children as if they were mere tumors in the womb.

Now it is the elderly who have to wonder when their lives will be terminated. Actually, they are being terminated at the point where such people need to be placed in nursing homes. Medications, neglect, and abuse all contribute to the death of the elderly who are "warehoused" in such institutions until they can be eliminated. Few nursing homes are really "homes" for the elderly. They're warehouses .. storage containers ... for those who are slated to die as quickly as is convenient.

Can a nation carry on in murder and gross immorality, flaunting sexual license and perversion, without imminent demise? Thus far no nation has survived their profligate stage.

America, are you listening?

Dorothy Anne Seese