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(Sept. 13, 2000 issue)

As "gays" or homosexuals, you people have certain constitutional and legal rights to protection under the laws of the United States. What you are after is a social acceptance that you don't merit and you are trying to force it on the majority of American people and get them to bow down to your demands for a special status.

Now which is it? Are you a special status group? Or are you just people who want to be accepted for what you are? Let me suggest that you are a people who live a deviant lifestyle and want it legitimatized by gaining government control over what other people can do. You want to undermine churches that point out your lifestyle is called an abomination in the Bible. You want to undo the Boy Scouts of America until they bow down to your demands to let gays come in as both leaders and scouts. You want to be admitted to every church whether you really want to be there or not. You want to violate every "straight" American's right to have their own choices as to golf partners, coffee klatch members, crochet club pals and carpoolers.

Why? Are you so proud that you are deviant from the heterosexual world that you insist on being admitted everywhere by having the laws changed to protect you as a special group? Well, if you are a special group what's so special about you? The law already protects you against criminal behavior, assault, hate crimes, discrimination in employment in most industries, and even allows you the right in some states to form "civil unions" in which two people of the same sex are granted the right to the equivalent of marriage.

So why can you not take your trophies and go home and be quiet? It's because you have an agenda! And we could construe your agenda as being rooted in the soil of a hate crime against Bible believing Christians and their moral standards.

Why are you relentlessly pursuing the Boy Scouts? Why do you continually flaunt yourselves as individuals and groups who are "just normal people wanting a fair break in life" when you have numerous, highly paid members in the arts, the entertainment industry and other industries?

You can't stop at being given equal opportunity? Then you have an agenda. Otherwise you would shut up and go home.

Perhaps it isn't you as individuals we don't like, did you ever think of that? Perhaps it's your agenda that's more repugnant than anything else.

If you want to live a deviant lifestyle, go right ahead. But when you want to push it on the rest of us, let me remind you that your freedom ends where our noses begin, and pushing your way into everything that's been against your way of life in order to subvert it and destroy it isn't a very likeable agenda. It says you have freedom to destroy our way of life, and I don't agree.

Just take your agenda and pitch it. Then go home and leave us alone, you have all the rights of other citizens.

After all, I am discriminated against also. I can't join the Phoenix Country Club ... I don't have the money. Should a club be only for the wealthy? Why, that's discrimination!

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