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(April 22, 2001)

We hear the word "downsizing" almost daily now that the economy has a rollercoaster syndrome in full swing. All it really means is that after looking at the profit and loss statement, and the earnings projections, they've decided to lay off people in order to cut costs. They will become a smaller, tighter organization ... a "downsized" company.

No sane company in a competitive market looks at its costs and income, sees that there's not enough profit, and then raises prices to cover the deficit.

Only the government operates that way, or has operated that way for years. If the government sees it doesn't have enough money, it adds people to various commissions to study the obvious and raises taxes to pay for the stupidity of adding commissions to study the problem.

In 1964 the late Barry Goldwater of Arizona, known as "Mr. Conservative" tried to tell the American people that what they needed was less government. His words fell on deaf ears because the nation was agonizing over the unbelievable assassination of John F. Kennedy the year before (and Kennedy believed in tax cuts even though he was a Democrat). The nation had not yet felt the impact of the "Great Society" policies enacted under Lyndon B. Johnson's leadership ... they just voted him out in 1968 after his great socialistic society began costing huge amounts of money and intruding into people's lives in a way that, while it may seem mild now, was new to theretofore free Americans.

Now we have a liberal Democratic constituency in this country that had to come straight from Planet Hell.

The government has been whining for years that Social Security and Medicare are in trouble. We have no national energy policy other than dependence on Arab oil. California hasn't built new electric generating plants in over a decade, and the western power grid is as overtaxed as most American workers.

Of course, when it comes to energy policies, the government has to listen to the skinny seaweed eating California vegans whose energy policies center around not disturbing their pet owls or their pot-growing preserves for something as trivial as keeping the western power grid from collapsing.

I've often wondered if these people are called "greenies" because they like green food, or because that's the color of the pond scum on their skin? We used to call such people "pinkos" or downright Reds. Whatever .. they still bathe in pond scum.

It's pitiful to see that the present Congress is so divided. The entire nation has to pay the price for the rights of these people to save the earth from a highly disputed attack of global warming that might come about during the next million years. In the meantime, when the lights go out in Califoria ... it isn't for the same reason they went out in Georgia!

Government downsizing is the only sane way to manage a nation where, as Ronald Reagan once said, "the nearest thing to immortality is a government program." We need to toss out old laws, inspect the constitutionality of any proposed new ones, and do what is best for the whole country, not the liberal agenda.

Any government that cannot manage itself and its programs, and eliminate or downsize as corporations must, is unfit to manage the nation. That should be obvious, but apparently it isn't.

A nation that constantly puts up with the maintenance of a victim class that has had years to get with the program and get out of the rut hasn't got the guts to downsize the programs, or eliminate them entirely, that feeds professional victims.

And professional victims make victims of the taxpayers who must support them.

Government has intruded into every aspect of American life and we are far worse off than we were in the 1950's as far as victim classes, absence of work ethic, freedom from burdensome laws, oppressive taxation and an ineffective immigration control policy.

We have a government that is out of control and a population following in its footsteps. It's time to downsize the size of government and the agenda of liberals.

Whatever it takes!

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